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Know the importance of software in creation, modeling and simulation in 3D printing

Cost and time savings of surgical guides

Taking into consideration the surgical guides, they can be instruction and guidance through the whole process of 3D printed surgical procedures. As...

Bioresorbable materials and their use cases

As the technology is getting more advanced, so the materials do. Bioresorbable ones, such as polymers are now the most sustainable ones...

Anatomical models in terms of 3D printing technology

Since many year anatomical models are the source of knowledge about human body anatomy and structure. Now, when technology offers so many...

3D Bioprinting as a more advanced way of human structure production

Bioprinting is the more advanced way of 3D printing process. Instead of using materials such as ceramics, plastics or metals, we are...

3D printing in terms of technology cost and maintenance

It may appear that 3D printing technology is a very expensive one, however, in recent years it became much more affordable and...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) role in 3D Printing

Taking into consideration, still rising, possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is obvious that it can also be effectively implemented and used...

The challenge of the hospital to become a 3D Point-Of-Care manufacturer

The main challenge for the hospital to become a medical device manufacturer is setting up a 3D printing lab. However,  it doesn’t...