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Read about the latest advancements of 3D Printing technology in Point-Of-Care industry

Role of 3D printing in fighting with COVID19

As the situation appears to get stabilized worldwide, there is still a challenge to support medical centers and hospitals with the basic...

”The Internet Effect” of 3D Printing, democratization and affordability

Taking into consideration the 3D printing industry, for the present moment it may not be affordable to be purchased by still a...

Application of high-performance polymers in 3D medical printing

Polymers are the most used materials in 3D printing. The market is still growing and the demand for more advanced functions is...

3D printing in terms of technology cost and maintenance

It may appear that 3D printing technology is a very expensive one, however, in recent years it became much more affordable and...

3D printing post-processing automation

Post-processing is an important part of 3D printing. It contains removal of the supportive elements, external parts of the material or the...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) role in 3D Printing

Taking into consideration, still rising, possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is obvious that it can also be effectively implemented and used...

Additional staffing to support the hospital in the process of 3D Printing

In the current situation when it’s a 3D manufacturer who in collaboration with the hospital, provides him the 3D prints, there are...

New workforce entering the 3D Printing Market

With 3D printing fast and instantly evolving technological development, the need for a highly skilled and advanced technologically workforce may be a...

How COVID-19 is affecting the 3D Printing and Point-Of-Care industry?

With The World Health Organization (WHO) statement about the pandemic disease of COVID-19, the global healthcare, economic situation and supply chain...