Start-ups and the companies, which are innovating 3D printing materials, technologies and systems (part I)

There are multiple 3D printing industry startups and companies worth to be looking at in 2020. Each of them is providing an insight into new technologies, materials, methods and applications. Focusing on a few of the companies that are moving the 3D printing industry forward and bringing instant innovations, we can seek for new opportunities and get rid of limitations. The market is constantly growing and offer more and more solutions. Also, taking into consideration the current situation of pandemic COVID19, there is a high demand for advanced and innovative methods to combat it the best way possible.

The current startup market for the 3D printing industry gathers around 2K + companies and new ones are instantly entering. As all of them seek the possibilities and solutions to improve the industry and bring the latest technologies, procedures and materials, there are more and more investors who are ready to empower the addictive manufacturing sector. 

Below, we would like to introduce our first list of 10 the latest startups that can contribute to innovate the process of medical 3D printing. They all are bringing the best solutions, as well as enhance and develop the procedure of additive manufacturing. Collaboration with companies like that can also boost the industry and connect powers to create the best possible 3D printing processes. 

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In the following article we will present 10 startups, which are innovating 3D printing materials

  1. Spectroplast

A Swiss company born in 2018 in Zurich. It’s mostly focused on applying silicone into the 3D printing process by proving the material to Stereolithography or Digital Light Processing (DLP) methods. Having “first in the world” SLA silicone printing technology, the company is currently trying to implement silicone into the mass 3D printing market as well as expanding to a higher range of other materials. The main industry that they would like to stay focused on is healthcare. 

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  1. One Click Metal 

Stuttgart based startup launched in 2019, whose mission is to make metal 3D printing much more effective. What they are trying to do is basically make the process less expensive and faster. Thanks to their technology, the additive manufacturing process can be much more efficient for industrial use cases.

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  1. 3D LifePrints

Based in Liverpool, the company is a leading technological start-up set up in 2015 and emerging into the medical market. It supplies 3D printing solutions to many private hospitals, medical centres, universities and research institutions. These include such as Alder Children’s Hospital in Liverpool or Orthopaedic Centre in Oxford. Recently, they are also concentrated on implementing Point of Care services, bio-medical engineering and highly advanced 3D printing technologies.

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  1. Kumovis

Kumovis is a german company set up in 2017 based in Munich. The main aim of the company is processing high-performance polymers for medical use and providing 3D printing systems to the technologically advanced, medical companies. Their R1 machine is able to print out medical-grade filaments, including PEEK and PPSU, inside an integrated cleanroom environment.

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  1. 3Dgence

The company set up in 2014 is providing a lot of 3D printing solutions as well as engineering-grade materials. 3DGence is extremely concentrated on high-performance materials and polymers. Operating both in Europe in the USA, it provides advanced materials to industries such as automotive, aerospace and other highly advanced technologically projects.

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  1. Axial3D

The company was launched in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2014. Since that time, it is revolutionizing the 3D printing industry making personalized 3D printed anatomical models more accessible to the clinicians and medical sector. The mission is to enable them to use innovative technologies and systems in medical 3D printing as efficiently as possible.

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7. Apium GmbH

A German company set up in 2014 and focused on supplying high-performance, polymers and metals used in FFF technology. Mostly, it’s operating on the European market. More specifically, the company is producing PEEK, composite materials, high-performance polymers, metals and other engineering plastics. The company is concentrated mainly on medical and industrial applications.

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  1. Inkbit 

Founded in 2017 and using the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and machine vision possibilities, the company is able to produce especially high-stretched and high-temperature materials. This creates a big internet within industrial applications. 

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  1. Taniobis GmbH

A German-based start-up first known as H.C. Starck Tantalum and Niobium, is one of the main and leading providers of innovative tantalum and niobium powders, which are being utilized in advanced medical device production and electronics. Even if the company’s portfolio has much more than only a few years, the company recently decided to change the name of the brand and invest in innovations.

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  1. Alloyed (formerly OxMet Technologies)

This is the UK launched company founded in Oxford University in 2017. It focuses on developing and producing alloy powders and components to be used in markets such as automotive, biomedical or industrial like most of the startups.

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As we can see, there are multiple startups and companies that can contribute to the innovation and development of new, 3D printing materials. Each of them is working on advancements and improvement of their services and offers. The 3D printing industry is definitely booming and it is highly probable that it will rapidly move forward in the upcoming years.

In the second part of the article, we will present another 10 startups, which are implementing innovative technologies. In the meantime, let us know if you ever heard about the companies listed above and leave us a comment below the post!


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