Webinar about “3D printing at Point-of-Care”

On 23rd of June, Fusedbone and Kumovis company hosted a webinar about “3D printing at Point-of-Care” industry. The topics covered in the webinar included 3D printing technologies, materials, regulatory and quality management regarding 3D printing lab at Point-Of-Care. The event was hosted by Navid Ardakanian, a CEO at Fusedbone and Martin Herzmann, Business Developer at Kumovis, who were discussing the regulatory challenges, step-by-step 3D printing process at the point-of-care, polymers applications and medical grade materials. 

The aim of the webinar was to present 3D printing at a Point-of-Care as an upcoming trend in patient-specific medical device manufacturing. While the Fusedbone company provides an end-to-end solution and plug & play approach to every health center and hospital, which is planning to set up its own 3D printing lab, the specific quality and regulatory requirements of the 3D printed, custom-made medical devices were clearly explained in the following webinar. Also, due to the Kumovis broad expertise in materials and high-performance polymers, the production of patient-specific medical devices was presented, describing each step of the process. The discussion involved an in-detailed explanation of biomedical engineering and a list of the medical grade materials as well. What’s more, there were a lot of 3D printing industry-based questions from the attendees, on which the hosts of the webinar answered very briefly and specifically.  

However, if you missed the following webinar, you have it whole recorded in the link below: 

If you would like to schedule a call or contact the hosts of the webinar, send us an email or leave the comment below the post! We would be happy to contact you as soon as possible! 


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