Cost and time savings of surgical guides

Taking into consideration the surgical guides, they can be instruction and guidance through the whole process of 3D printed surgical procedures. As they provide the exact patient’s bones anatomy using the latest technology advancements, there is a big-time and cost-saving in the surgery. According to that, we can be almost sure that the implant will fit with the perfect accuracy and without any complications. Same with the other surgical tool. They are as much efficient as the surgical guides.

While the main aim of the surgical guides is providing guidance from plan to placing a patient-specific implant into the patient’s body, there is a huge cost advantage too. In addition to that, there are also multiple other ones, which can ensure much higher hygiene, safety and precision in the placement.  

Tooth-Supported Surgical Guide (image source:

Main classification of the guides involves: 

More specifically, for dental, we can also distinguish between tooth, mucosa or bone supported surgical guides.

Classification of the guides (image source:

The production of surgical guides consider also few stages which are:

  1. Planning diagnosis and treatment
  2. Implant modeling in the software (CAD/CAM)
  3. Implant selection
  4. Surgical guide manufacturing
  5. Verification of the surgical guide
  6. Stabilization of the surgical guide
  7. Drilling of the surgical guide
  8. Installation of the surgical guide

How can we evaluate savings made by surgical guides?

Obviously, there are a lot in the budget that can be saved due to the surgical guides utilization. As the process involves a lot of precise preparation, measures and evaluations, the probability of inaccuracy of failure is much decreased. The cost can be also easily foreseen and planned ahead. The cost we’re talking about is 275-700 USD in case of a surgical guide made by a manufacturer and 20-70 USD produced by the 3D printing method. As we can clearly see, the difference is significant. The other factor regarding that is that printing in-house even if we have to invest in 3D printing technology, is much more cost-effective. Not only because “Time is the money”, but in case of high quality, accuracy and precision. Printing out the exactly planned guide is the way to reduce additional surgeries and corrections.

Does the point-of-care 3D printing of surgical guides is the most cost-efficient? 

It may be. With the scanning, modeling in the software and production of the guide is made in-house, the time and cost of their delivery may turn around to be the most effective way. The whole process is much more streamlined and planned in detail. As the point-of-care enables faster and more direct communication at each step of the procedure, the process can be conducted in the most efficient way for the patient and the doctor’s way.Thanks to the digital technology advancements, implants are being made with high accuracy and with very little error probability. This again, is the next factor that makes the point-of-care, 3D printed surgical guides the most cost and time saving method.   

We hope that you can see it the same way. Let us know what’s your point of view on surgical guides production methods and how do you think it can be time and cost efficient!


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