Benefits of patient-specific medical devices

There are a lot of benefits related to the patient-specific devices manufacturing. Both patients and doctors can find it useful in terms of personalization, quality requirements, regulations and safety features. Having medical devices created on-demand means that the doctors are able to implement what is needed by their patients the most and keep a close eye on how it works on them. This means a lot more control and safety assurance than a mass-produced medical device. 

The other advantages of patient-specific medical devices can be seen in time of production and delivery. After being diagnosed, a patient can rapidly receive the prototype of the device he needs as well as the device itself. More traditional way of device manufacturing may turn around in a week of designing and production, while a patient-specific one can  be quickly designed and produced. Such a method can ensure delivery of on-demand devices and just-in-time approach of patient-specific products manufacturing.

What are the main advantages of patient-specific medical devices?

Taking into account already mentioned above profits of producing patient-specific medical devices, we can clearly outline the most significant advantages. Except for the reduced time of prototyping and producing the device, there is also a big advantage in time of recovery of the patient. Tailored-made devices can contribute to fewer complications after the surgery and better fit in general. Also, the patient is not obligated to wait or accept the delays because of the lack of available devices on the market. While doctors are the ones who are taking care of the process, they can set up the process rapidly and with the specific requirements. Usually being a part of a bigger institution such as hospitals, medical centers and clinics, the process of patient-specific device production can be much speed up and specifically regulated. 

How can we apply the patient-specific medical devices?

Patient-specific medical devices are transforming the way of surgeries and their planning. As they are already being prototyped and produced in accordance with the specific patient’s anatomy and other needs, the whole surgical process can be planned in detail. Following that point, while the patient-specific devices can fit almost perfectly, the probability of any complications is much lower. This leads to the positive outcome of the surgery, fast recovery and closing up the case successfully as it was planned by the doctors. What is also important to know is that printing out the patient-specific devices by 3D printing technology can be much cheaper than the mass-produced ones. Rapid design, prototyping, test and print out can save a lot of money in the budget and also minimize the time needed for the process contrary to the standard method of manufacturing.

Can you see more advantages of the patient-specific medical devices? Tell us what you think about that in the comment below! We would very much appreciate that!


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