”The Internet Effect” of 3D Printing, democratization and affordability

Taking into consideration the 3D printing industry, for the present moment it may not be affordable to be purchased by still a large number of medical centers, clinics or hospitals and other workplaces in many different industries. The case can be compared to the early stages of the internet accessibility. The time and improvement of technology was needed in order to democratize it and make it affordable for the society. Making the price of the 3D printing technology reasonable would make people more convinced and interested in implementing it in most of the medical centers and not only. 

The other aspects can be seen as designs of the objects. If you don’t need a custom-made device, the good option would be to have ready designs available on the web. Then you could possibly easily buy and use it the way you want. There are already options like this on the internet. Also, access to the software and proper training in them would make it much easier for people to get to know the process and finally learn how to print out the 3D objects by themselves. However, there is still a long way to go.

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Accessibility to the 3D printing resources

The 3D printing process is not only about technology such as 3D printers. It’s actually much more than that.  In order to be able to create a model and prototype, we need a license to the software such as CAD, materials dependable of what we would like to print out and then also an authorization and acceptance from the FDA or regulatory agency. 

In general, it’s not an easy process when it comes to individuals. Not yet at least. Speaking about the democratization of 3D printing, we can think first about making it more affordable for more companies and commercial use. In that case, the process can be controlled internally and the customers wouldn’t have to worry about all the regulations and each step of the 3D printing process. They could easily order what they need and have it ready according to their requirements in a specific time. 

However, the consideration of the price is still needed. Having personalized items printed out by 3D printing technology may be still costly. The aim is then to make it more affordable in terms of customization, correction or upgrades. 

The future of the 3D printing

Looking into the future of 3D printing, it will finally become the most efficient, cost-effective and time-saving method of on-demand product delivery. There is no doubt that in the end it may also be a common large-scale production method of manufacturing.

However, we are not there yet. The technology needs to get developed, but also more affordable and easy to use. The regulations need to get clear and the market less complicated to enter and collaborate. 

The standards and requirements that have to be fulfilled while being a 3D printing manufacturer should also be explained and possibile to be realized. There is still much more to do to make 3D printing a democratized, standardized and affordable way of production and manufacturing.

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