The future of sustainable 3D printed medical devices production

3D printing is already a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly method of medical device production while the traditional one generates significantly more waste and it’s not as efficient as it supposed to be. The production in the long-run may turn around much more costly and produce higher levels of CO2 emission. As well as an energy source, which can be replaced by solar or wind power energy, 3D printing is the way to reduce all of the negative impacts of the whole production process. 

All of the resources needed in additive manufacturing are being used even if they haven’t been totally utilized while printing the device. The 3D printing materials can be actually stored, kept and use them in the next 3D printing processes. This way, nothing is wasted and materials can be efficiently saved. An example of that can be seen in thermoplastics, which can be also reshaped and re-melted even a few times. 

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Transforming traditional medical devices production into sustainable 3D printing one

Even if 3D printing seems to have much more competitive advantages, the main limitation of easily transforming conventional manufacturing is the scale of the production. While 3D printing is a perfect solution when it comes to on-demand devices, printing out hundreds of them may still be a challenge.

However, with all customization adjustments, 3D printing may become an advantage that mass production is not able to tackle. Adaptability to the needs and demands of the customers would be one of the most beneficial features of 3D printed medical device production. 

What’s more, the advantage could be also possibly seen in logistics and the supply chain. The cost and negative impact of transportation on the environment can be easily eliminated thanks to an on-site 3D printing production. The turnaround time of the device delivery can be reduced due to that too. This can lower the price and make it more affordable. 

Additional advantage of the 3D printing production

Taking into consideration the benefits of implementing 3D printing medical device production and making it grow on the market, there is one main, very important advantage. It’s sustainability.

Having an insight into the future, we can transform the medical device production market into an innovative, sustainable and long-lasting method of 3D printing production. The technology that enables us to do so much good is the key to develop the following concept. 

Investing in its improvements, mainly in a large scale, would be essential to create a large-scale, however, sustainable and environmentally friendly way of medical devices manufacturing. 

Can you see the benefits of sustainable 3D printed medical devices production? Share your opinion in the comment below and tell us your point of view!


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