Application of high-performance polymers in 3D medical printing

Polymers are the most used materials in 3D printing. The market is still growing and the demand for more advanced functions is rising. Recently, the strong emphasis was put on creating high-temperature resistant ones. Even if they seem to be powerful enough to replace metals such as steel or aluminum, there are currently new properties of them that are in high demand. 

Thanks to their chemical and mechanical structure or thermal resistance, polymers like ABS or PLA, are capable of being used in many industries. Also PEEK, PEKK and ULTEM are already having a strong position on the market, but the development of high-temperature is still growing. Such thermoplastic properties would only lead to more implementation in crucial industries such as aerospace, automotive or medical. 

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The growing demand for advanced materials

With the constant development of devices and their functionalities, the materials they are made of needs to be instantly improved. The point is not to make the device getting deform and lose its shape in specific temperature.

As the polymers have the following features, the investment in their “evolution” is in high demand. According to AMFG, composite materials are the ones that are experiencing growth in recent times. They are being made from two, different properties, materials. This involves their physical or chemical properties. Most of them are presenting especially heat resistance and strength, which are ones of the seeking features. 

In order to ensure their fulfillment, the appropriate technology is needed. This involves mainly improvement of the 3D printing technologies. 

3D printers advancement

Fast emerging 3D printing technology is constantly working on unlocking the possibilities of its development. Printing devices made of the highly performing thermoplastics can only ensure it’s resistance when the functionalities of the technology used in the process are good enough. 

These may include multi-material connections, which will ensure that the printable device will have the best qualities of each one. The capabilities of technology are still rising and it should be ensured that they are being applied in the process the best way possible.

The polymer 3D printing is the way to improve the procedure and create the most resistant devices made out of the high-temperature capacity materials. The demand for that is becoming the desire of a rising number of 3D printing manufacturers and it may definitely get more advanced in the near future.  

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