3D printing in terms of technology cost and maintenance

It may appear that 3D printing technology is a very expensive one, however, in recent years it became much more affordable and accessible. The worth of it’s an investment, especially for the hospitals, will ensure turnover in the long run and enable it to make a lot of time and cost savings. 

The technology we will be talking about is not only the 3D printer. According to PwC research, It involves few seperate ones that connect and enable 3D printable devices to be produced. These are the hardware, software, 3D printer and the machines needed in post-processing. However, the cost is also the labour and the materials. Again, due to the PwC the machine is more expensive in case of the SLS printing technique, but the materials cost are relatively lower. In the case of FDM, a lot of more labour would be needed. The SLA method though has the highest cost of the material.

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3D printing traditional vs. innovative methods cost

Even if the cost of the machines are quite higher, the process itself may be less expensive when used in a large production scale. Indeed, materials appear to be expensive, but not so much of that is needed.

The savings can be made mainly in the case of the supply chain. Transporting, logistics and direct delivery is not cost-efficient when it comes to providing 3D printing devices every time the one is produced and needs to be delivered to the hospital as soon as possible.

Being close to the production medical center can save a lot in the budget, however, the question is also, how much cost the maintenance cost. Complementary technologies can be more costly at the first glance, but taking into consideration the speed of their processing, the frequency of the repairs, easy in use and all the other innovative technology capabilities, the investment is worth it. 

Considering the overall investment of the 3D printing technology

Taking into account the implementation of the innovative 3D printing technology and replacing the traditional, but verified one still may be not an easy decision for most. A lot depends for the medical center, clinic or hospital needs. 

The production scale means a lot in that case, however innovative 3D printing technology and few more will ensure a long-lasting effect in the future. The operating cost are getting less costly and complicated with the time and regular practice. 

This also should be taken into consideration in the cost of maintenance. The systematic check-ups and machine control is needed, however, the whole process, in general, is easy to proceed, competitive and innovative. Taking a look into the future of 3D printing technologies, it is the right, next step to follow in order to be up-to-date and ready for the next move ahead. 

Would you invest in 3D printing technology in your workplace? Tell us what’s your point of view in terms of that’s cost and maintenance in the comment below!


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