Artificial Intelligence (AI) role in 3D Printing

Taking into consideration, still rising, possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is obvious that it can also be effectively implemented and used in medical devices 3D printing production. The constant technology development makes it possible to connect multiple of them and make the most out of it. Such a future innovation is practically unavoidable, which is a very good thing for the 3D printing industry development.

As machine learning is a very important part of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it can be easily taken over by the 3D printers and the devices produced by them. This simply means that the machine would be able to reduce human intervention in the process and perform most of the human tasks involved in it. This may not sound so promising for the current 3D printing staff, however, predicting that the industry is going to grow in the next few years very fast, this may be helpful for them as well.

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AI implementation in 3D Printing process

In order to be able to print out the product, the 3D printers are using specific software. Implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the software can possibly enable to create of the most technologically advanced 3D printed devices. 

This also involves the automation of most of the processes, which can simplify the complicated 3D printing process. Usually, it involves detecting the errors in the design of the devices. As Artificial Intelligence (AI) can acquire and learn through the vest of information output, it can perform a lot of action within just a few hours and save a lot of the staff time. 

Despite that, it can do so much more. Making improvements and correcting the human errors before being printed, can save waste of the material and quality deficiency. By identifying problems right in time, a lot of time and cost savings can be prevented.

Future of AI based additive manufacturing 

According to USM Business, the future of AI solutions in additive manufacturing can be seen in 3D printing, autonomous factories. As the role of robotics and machine learning is instantly growing, the concept is quite realistic. 

The role of AI in software can even lead to their autonomous decisions. Considering the industry expansion and large-scale production, 3D printing process can be transformed and bring to a higher level.

This may be a revolution in the addictive manufacturing industry and probably would demand a lot of adjustments from the company’s side and their stakeholders as well as consideration of the human role in the whole procedure.

Do you think that Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution can be easily implemented in the 3D Printing industry? Leave us the comment below and tell us what’s your perspective in that point!


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