New workforce entering the 3D Printing Market

With 3D printing fast and instantly evolving technological development, the need for a highly skilled and advanced technologically workforce may be a challenge, but also a big opportunity to fill the talent gap in the industry and create so many job placements. The experienced and knowledgeable staff of Medical Professionals, Engineers and Manufacturers are the main filar, but concretely specialized people such as medical 3D Printing professionals, Additive Manufacturing engineers and Technologists become to be one of the most important part of the process and they are the ones the industry crawls for now. 

The Additive Manufacturing industry is experiencing significant growth in recent years. Instantly changing the technological landscape is a stimulus for fast and deep learning of how to use new possibilities. The market may not have such a rapid response yet, but it’s worth it to invest in skills, which in the near future, enable to fill up the skills gap in the industry.

Future 3D Printing talents

In order to be able to predict what type of specialist will be needed, we need to know the demands. The main can be seen in being able to proceed and connect technology, materials and design to create an innovative product. The importance of understanding the process is the key to lead successful manufacturing and the knowledge of the whole procedure, it’s limitations and capabilities is essential.

As the industry is growing fast, there seems to be a lack of time for proper training and knowledge. The need for 3D Printing professionals may be high, but the preparation of the future workforce demands more time and resources than available. Investing in additive manufacturing skills is the answer for having competitive employees in the future.

The power of young generation

There may not be a perfect profile of the new talent, but for sure, there are some traits that can help to adapt to the industry rapidly. These can be found in the millennials or generation z. With high adaptability skills and access to technology, they can learn much faster and implement their knowledge easily. Being well-trained and developing their skills through experience, such a workforce is without a doubt worth to be invested in

Currently, more than ever before, the young generation is the fuel for many, fast-growing industries. The mix of skills such as technological, technical and managerial can be connected and integrated in order to innovate the way we work. According to Deloitte, an insight into design processes, data management or material technology that these people may have during their education, can be only advantage in getting into the industry smoothly.

The importance of training, hiring and retaining new workforce should be always consider. The new generation of employees is coming, however, this can only be successful if received the best possible support and knowledge to become a professional and long-lasting generation of 3D Printing technicians, engineers and specialists.

Does it sound like a future of 3D Printing workforce for you? Leave the comment below and tell us what is your opinion about new generation of employees coming!


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